Parking guidance system computer

SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS GmbH is a member of the internationally active SWARCO group, the one-stop shop for road markings, signage, signalisation, and traffic management – your reliable partner for traffic solutions.


The hardware for all computer systems is based on modern client server technology, for which there are no upward limitations on performance. In general, commercially available products (32- and 64-bit computers, dual-core, RISC) are deployed, which means a future safe investment. This structure permits optimal adaptation for all systems and ensures problem-free expansions and modifications. Modern network and Internet technology round out the programme.

Based on standardized operating systems such as LINUX and WINDOWS, modern software architectures have been implemented in C, C++, JAVA and PL/SQL. For data storage, relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server have been utilised. All JAVA applications are web-capable and can therefore be run in an Internet browser.

  • Desktop application version, or
  • Plug-in version (optional)

The central computer receives the data of the connected car parks and dynamically controls the displays accordingly. For display control and car park data transfer, the following communications interfaces are available:

  • Fixed-line TLS (party line or star formation)
  • GSM
  • Trunked mobile radio

By means of the statistical functions, utilisation of the parking complexes can be conveniently evaluated.