The right type of outstation for traffic applications with limited space

With a SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS outstation, you obtain a multifunctional solution to optimally suit the temporary traffic requirements.

The outstation PRIMOS COMPACT is optimally suited for traffic applications with limited space such as tunnel niches, or for upgrading existing installations. It is based on the proved and tested CCM2200+ single board computer. PRIMOS COMPACT is designed for DIN rail mounting and can be used as stand-alone solution or as part of a larger system.


  • Traffic data measuring systems
  • Axle loads measuring systems
  • Environmental data measuring systems
  • Ramp metering systems
  • Traffic control in tunnels / on ramps
  • Height control systems
  • Deer warning systems
  • Wind warning systems
  • HGV parking Systems


  • Operational messages and function monitoring
  • Communicaiton with central (software) systems
  • Control of
  • - Variable message signs (VMS)
    - Barriers
    - Lane lights
    - Detectors
    - Sensors
  • Interlocking of prohibited setting states
  • Operations diary
  • Manual control




  • Modular set-up in DIN rail mounting design
  • Stand-alone solution or system part
  • Interfaces for telecommunications line such as copper cable
    and fiber-optic cable, for Ethernet, WAN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) compliant design
  • Web access
  • Easy set up and service
  • System status request and configuration via HTTP
  • Communication with different data protocols such as
    TLSoverIP, TC57 (IEC870), WANCOM, http

The outstation PRIMOS COMPACT is available with and without touchpanel











Supply voltage

24 V DC


ARM-9 architecture with MMU and ARM920T core

Digital inputs / outputs

9 / 5

Serial Interfaces

2 serial interfaces (RS-232)1 service / console port (RS-232)

3 RS-485 interfaces

2 interfaces RS-232 or RS485 (can be selected via jumper)

Clock rate

approx. 160 MHz


32 MB

Flash disk

128 MB

Persistent SRAM

2 MB

Operating system


Operation indicator

16 LEDs


real time clock,power fail monitoring, watchdog timer


10BaseT / 100BaseTXvia RJ45 connector at front pane


1 USB host (full speed and low speed), each accessable via front panel resp. backplane

1 USB device (full speed and low speed) at front panel


I²C bus

Power consumption (max)

2.5 W

Operating / storingtemperature

-25°C to +85°C

Terminal strips

2 * DIN 41612 type C96-pole


DIN-rail mount