Versatile computer for outdoor communication applications

The CCM2200+ is a versatile computer for outdoor communication applications. Among other applications, it is used in the outstation PRIMOS MODULAR.

The CCM2200+ is a Linux-based computer which allows an easy software development and test by means of standard tools. A special embedded development environment is not required. This permits an easy and fast implementation of customer-specific software and/or adaptation of existing software to customer needs.

The Ethernet interface permits the direct integration into a local network. Appropriate software thus establishes a direct communication with any computer within the network via TCP/IP protocol. If the network is connected to the internet, data can be transmitted to any place in the world. Where no Ethernet access is available, the access to a TCP/IP network can be realised via serial port using the ppp-protocol (point-to-point), via USB or optional via Bluetooth®.

With the USB host and USB device ports, a multitude of standard USB periphery devices such as USB mass storage devices, Bluetooth® adapters etc. can be used.

With its total of 8 serial interfaces the controller module features numerous connection possibilities. Thus all necessary components of traffic technology and industrial control equipment can easily be connected. Furthermore, all standard data transmission devices like modems and ISDN and/or GSM/GPRS and UMTS terminal adapter can be used with the CCM2200+ without any problems.


  • Dedicated controller for sensors and actors connected via different protocols and communication methods
  • Connection of existent systems to a TCP/IP network
  • Protocol implementations
  • General data acquisition and control applications
  • The Linux operation system supports a multitude of application software and all usual network protocols
  • Low energy consumption due to the power saving ARM9 processor
  • Extended temperature range and robust design for reliable outdoor usage
  • Application-specific status indicator via LEDs
  • EMC-compliant design
  • Data persistence by means of static RAM buffered with non-wearing goldcap


ARM-9 architecture with MMU and ARM920T core

Clock rate

approx. 160 MHz


32 MB

Flash disk

128 MB

Persistent SRAM

2 MB

Operating system


Operation indicator

16 LEDs


real time clock, power fail monitoring, watchdog timer

Serial interfaces

  • 2 serial interfaces (RS-232)
  • 1 service / console port (RS-232)
  • 3 RS-485 interfaces
  • 2 interfaces RS-232 or RS-485 (can be selected via jumper)


10BaseT / 100BaseTX via RJ45 connector at front panel


  • 2 USB host (Full Speed und Low Speed), each accessible via front panel resp. backplane
  • 1 USB device (full speed and low speed) at front panel

Digital inputs

12 (4 opto-electronically isolated); input voltage range: 3.5 - 28V CD

Digital outputs

12 (opto-electronically isolated)


I²C bus

Supply voltage

10 - 28V DC

Power consumption

2.5 W

Operating temperature

-25°C to +85°C

Storing temperature

-25°C to +85°C

Terminal strip

2 * DIN 41612 type C 96-pole


19“ plug in