Speed-Class Function

for the detectors MC2224, SW2224, CD9234 as well as MC3224 and SW3224

The speed / class function of the loop detectors was specifically designed for the direct control of e.g. optical traffic signs considering vehicle class and vehicle speed. It is available for the 4-channel classification detectors MC2224, SW2224, CD9234 (19" versions) as well as for MC3224 and SW 3224 (DIN-rail versions).

The detectors operate with two induction loops per lane, in accordance with the requested specification such as BASt (TLS) or ASTRA (Swiss10), and are available in different class versions according to the requested classification.

Using detectors with speed / class function, signals can be switched on the switching outputs considering the vehicle class and speed. Alternatively, vehicle class or vehicle speeds (switching signals when exceeded) as well as a combination of both can be parameterized via service interface (LoopMaster).

Additionally, via RS485 bus, single-vehicle data is transferred to e.g. a controller, which takes over further data aggregation acc. to TLS-specifications.

For further information about the according SP-version of the detectors see the datasheets available for download on the right side.