TDC1 Traffic detectors

Low-power non-Intrusive PIR traffic detectors for single lane traffic data acquisition

The TDC1 Series are advanced traffic detectors using Passive Infrared technology. Comprehensive traffic data including individual vehicle class, speed, length, occupancy time and time gap are provided via RS 485 databus


TDC1 Series detectors are specifically designed for a variety of Traffic Data Collection and traffic control applications where low power consumption is required:

  • Vehicle counting (volume)
  • Individual vehicle speed
  • Vehicle classification
  • Presence detection


TDC1 traffic detectors employ multiple PIR detection zones. A combination of static and dynamic detection channels form a total of five detection zones. The thermal radiation contrast of a vehicle moving into or through the detection zones against the background radiation of the road surface correlates to the passage or presence of a vehicle. The sophisticated signal processing transforms the sensors analog data into digital information for each event without the need for external computing equipment.


Recommended mounting points are gantries, over¬passes or bridges or alternatively on a pole at the roadside. Clearly superior performance and reliability are a result of:

  • Multi channel PIR detection
  • Full temperature compensation across entire temperature range
  • Sophisticated algorithms eliminating impact of environmental changes


  • Ultra low power consumption: ≤ 60 mW, ideal for solar powered installations
  • Multi channel PIR detection: Total of five detection zones
  • Vehicle classification by length: 3 standard classes
  • Up to 5 vehicle classes possible (depending on customer length threshold setting)
  • Auto calibration: Via according installation software using mounting height and distance to the centre of the observed lane
  • Wide mounting height range: Mounting height between 5.5 m and 18 m
    (max. offset 45° from detector’s mounting location to the centre of the observed lane).
    Application-dependent limitations apply
  • Detection of standing vehicles
  • Detection of wrong-way drivers
  • Wide operating temperature range (–40 to +70°C): Optimum performance in all weather and climate conditions
  • Remote configuration and setup: With according installation software

Supply Voltage

5.5 … 30 V DC

Power Consumption

typ. 10 mA @ 6 V DC

Output (Data Transfer)

RS 485 (other options on request)

Turn-on Time

typ. 20 s from power on


see illustrations (pictures tab)

Case Material

Polycarbonate, dark grey

Weather protection enclosure

stainless steel V4A


app. 960 g incl. bracket

PIR Sensors

5 channel PIR

PIR Spectral Response

6.5 ... 14 μm

Counting accuracy

typ. ±3 %

Speed accuracy

typ. ±5 % (> 100 km/h)
typ. ±5 km/h (≤100 km/h)

Classification accuracy

3 standard classes, each 95 %
The specifications refer to free traffic flow,
detector operated in recommended setup.

Operating Temperature

–40°C to +70°C (–40 to +158ºF )


95 % RH max.


IP 64 splash proof