Loop Installation acc. to TLS


Loop Installation for traffic data acquisition and congestion detection per lane

Loop types 1 and 2 for traffic data acquisition are defined in the Technical Terms of Delivery for Road Stations (TLS, German Federal Office for Road Constitution) These regulations comply with the requirements of ETSI EN 300330 (2002-12):

Product class
acc. to
EN 300330

Loop area

TLS loop system
type 2

TLS loop system
type 1

of loop


< 30 m2

1.0 m x 3.05 m
(loop length x
loop width*)
= 3.05 m2

2.5 m x 2.15 m
(loop length x
loop width**)
= 5.4m2

4 windings
(acc. to definition


* Loop width:
Typical width
of one lane
3,75 m - (2 x 0,35 m
distance from
lane edges)

** Loop width:
Typical width
of one lane
3,75 m - (2 x 0,8 m
distance from
lane edges)




Loop type 1 is mainly used for existing installations; in new installations and especially counting systems acc. to BASt, generally loop type 2 is used.

For detailed information about TLS loops and the laying of TLS loops see the manual in the download area at the right margin.