SDG3000 Loop Diagnosis Set

incl. reference loop and insulation measurement device

With the SDG3000 set of devices all required measurement values of an inductive loop can be evaluated. It allows the reliable examination of existing inductive loop systems such as measuring the inductivity and testing the loop insulation. By means of the included reference loop, the pre-attenuation of the loop ground (road) can be determined. All necessary components are integrated in a robust aluminum case.


Loops are the detectors‘ sensors. The reliable function of the detectors largely depends on the technically correct installation and laying of the loops. When laying the loops, the three most important measurement values of the loop (with and without feeder cable) should be noted:

  • Loop resistance (in Ω)
  • Inductivity (in μH) – optimum value (80 – 300) μH
  • Isolation resistance (in Ω) – higher than100 MΩ, for new installations higher than 1 GΩ (loop only)


  • Aluminum case (LxHxW): 480mm x 385mm x 185mm
  • Reference loop (LxH): 400mm x 300 mm
    - Inductivity – approx. 100μH
    - Incl. connection cable (approx. 1 m)
    - Used with LCR-meter for measurement of pre-attenuation
  • Voltcraft LCR-meter 4080
  • Fluke 1507 insulation meter
  • Manual for loop installation / loop installation TLS


  • Loop diagnosis using:
    - L-Meter Voltcraft 4080
    - Ohm-Meter Voltcraft 4080
    - Insulation meter Fluke 1507
  • Measurement of pre-attenuation using:
    - Voltcraft LCR-meter 4080 and reference loop


  • One set of devices for all relevant measurements at loop systems
  • Battery-operated
  • All devices safely stored in rugged aluminum case
  • Optimum support for laying and controlling inductive loops