Luxemburgish representatives impressed by SWARCO


In relaxed atmosphere and with good technical discussions, SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS presented possibilities and solutions from all fields of application such as the new web-based and java-free user interface of the central software, software for tunnel applications and car park routing as well as traffic light systems for urban areas.

From left.: Daniel Koller (STS/Technical Service Interurban), Fränk Bresser (VDL*), Romain Pax (VDL*), Sascha Cloos (STS/Quality Management), Thorsten Kühn (STS/Head of Parking and Dynamic Signs), Peter Pollack (STS/Parking and Dynamic Signs), Florian Kappes (STS/ Development Detection), Annette Gölz (STS/ Export Urban), Hans-Jürgen Berens (STS/Head of Technical Service Interurban)
(*VDL: Ville de Luxembourg)

The Luxemburgish delegation was enthusiastic about the long-standing good cooperation with SWARCO and open to improvements and technical innovations.

As clear signal for the interest on the part of the city of Luxemburg to break new ground together with SWARCO, already in the course of the meeting specific assignments and planned implementations of projects were discussed.

Wholly in line with ONE SWARCO, the comprehensive modernization of the car park routing system in the Luxemburgish capital and the metropolitan tunnels link up.

SWARCO contributes significantly to shaping the face of the city of Luxemburg, now and in the future!