Caiman Stop+Motion Radar Detector


Caiman M - being in the extended version for urban areas - has been available for a certain time. Now the basic and interurban versions were introduced at the Intertraffic 2016 in Amsterdam.

The Caiman wide beam Stop+Motion radar detector is suited for lane discrimination over multiple lanes. It detects and tracks moving and stopped objects within the entire detection area delivering the following data: volume, occupancy, speed, vehicle presence, headway, gap and wrong way detection trigger, classification.

Due to its forward firing position it offers a wide range of applications, detection points and mounting positions. The detection areas vary from 20 m up to 160 m, depending on the application and model.



Due to its novel Stop+Motion function, the Caiman not only detects and tracks moving objects but also determines stopped objects. The sophisticated algorithm "remembers" static objects until they start moving again thus providing an additional presence detection.


  • Wide beam over multiple lanes
  • Stop+Motion function (moving and stopped objects)
  • Accurate vehicle speed measurement
  • Data provided: Volume, occupancy, speed, vehicle presence, headway, gap, wrong way detection trigger
  • Multiple choice of detection points and mounting positions (e.g. mast arm, vertical pole)
  • 100 % independent of time of the day and light conditions (bright sunlight, shadow, dawn, night)


For more information go to Caiman M and Caiman I or contact us per e-mail.