Traffic system for Nürtingen


Nürtingen, a 40,000-inhabitant town on the outskirts of Stuttgart, is only four kilometres away from SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS' (STS) head office. Until the middle of 2015, the Nürtingen road network will be modernized with a new traffic computer and 66 new intersection control units and traffic light systems. The project was awarded in two lots in line with a public tender according to VOB/A regulations.

The new traffic computer replaces the meanwhile rather outdated model of a competitor. Linked with the technical intersection control periphery, the new computer offers much more convenience in handling inner-city and regional road traffic and improves the quality of life of all citizens of Nürtingen. In future also pedestrians, cyclists and the users of public transport will benefit from the new technology.

Thanks to standards for all parts to be controlled, an economic overall solution can now be implemented by SWARCO. Due to the use of OCIT 2.0, a modern IT design, an integrated traffic management system, and the lastest mechanisms in operation and monitoring, it will be possible to react even before larger disruptions are about to occur. Automated quality analyses, separate for individual and public transport traffic, will make the traffic flow more dynamic with continuous traffic control processes.

Nürtingen is once more a teamwork example of the SWARCO Group where M-UniComp (traffic computer), STS (intersection control and project management) and SWARCO V.S.M. (installation works) act in concert. Full operation of the system is planned for August 2015. Two engineering offices accompany the project. In addition, pedestrian safety, also for the visually impaired, will be improved in Nürtingen by means of 266 acoustic push-buttons of the TouchSound type from Austrian SWARCO FUTURIT.