Traffic management system on motorway A27 opened


During the 6-lane extension of the motorway A1 near Bremen, Germany, in 2009 the existing traffic technology was dismantled and the VMS, outstations and weather stations were temporarily stored.

Whereas the traffic technology on motorway A1 was upgraded and rebuilt, for the new traffic management installation on motorway A27 the stored equipment was reused.

The two and three-lane corridor control system on the A27 includes 15 bridges and 4 weather stations. Out of a total of 21 VMS, 10 were re-used from the A1 equipment.

The existing congestion warning system at the junction Bremen-Überseestadt was integrated into the traffic management system, the extension on motorway A1 and the complete section of the A27 was incorporated in the PRIMOS® Central Software (from SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS).

PRIMOS® Central software: Overview map A27

PRIMOS® Central software: Overview map A1

SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS – BU INTERURBAN was considerably involved in this project: Both with dismantling and rebuilding the traffic management on motorway A1 and with the new corridor control system on motorway A27. The VMS were exchanged by night without disrupting the operation of the traffic management system.

The installations were brought to service in several steps:
Start of operation on motorway A1 in January 2015;
Start of operation on A27 first part in April, second part in September 2015.

All in all, the project A1 / A27 includes:

  • 6 Weather stations
  • 54 Overhead radar detectors
  • 10 Measurement points with loops
  • 7 Measurement points with sidefire radar
  • 21 bridges with:
    - 6 Display points on motorway A1
    - 15 Display points on motorway A27
  • 6 Roadside traffic signs
  • PRIMOS® Central software

Outstation and weather station