Customized parking meters for Hamburg


Hamburg. The new SWARCO traffic guidance center has been inspiring the police in Hamburg for some time already. With the award of the contract for over 140 new parking meters of the type EVO² Region North/East has been able to outperform the competition with a SWARCO product.

In this case the complete package solution inspired the decision makers in Hamburg. On decisive criteria for the Hanseatic City was the individual design of the parking meters. SWARCO delivers the devices in the special color "moss green". All EVO² meters are equipped with an integrated solar panel for power supply, underlining SWARCO's ecological attitude.

In addition the devices are low-maintenance and connected to the ARGOS service software. With ARGOS, the condition of the column, the amount of collected parking fees and many other things can be centrally monitored. The safety class VDS P2 protects the money box of the parking meters from vandalism.