Stirling Council MVAS, Stirling, Scotland

Stephen Easton, Traffic Management Officer, 2017


Motorists in rural areas including bustling villages often forget to be aware of the speed they are travelling at, Sterling Council wanted a device to reduce the volume of speeding motorists across the region, an issue which can be difficult to tackle. With our battery operated Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs, they were able to implement the dynamic signs and move them regularly for maximum impact, whilst the data logging could monitor the traffic flow.


Since Installing the Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs, Stirling council have been able to see a reduction in the volume of speeding motorists, the signs warn speeding drivers of the speed limit and can be moved to multiple locations due their lightweight design.

Stephen Easton, Traffic Management Officer at Stirling Council says 'They have proved to be very successful, the data that the units provide are useful in the assessment process for traffic reduction measures. We rotate the signs to various areas normally over a two week period and local communities have warmed to the effects the signs have in warning drivers to slow down. Placing the signs at random locations has provided the desired reaction to local and outside motorists that their speed is too high and to be more aware when driving that particular stretch of road. '


The data has enabled the council to asses the local traffic and look into further traffic reduction methods in the community. They have also seen the positive impact the signs have had in reducing the speeds of motorists in the area.