City of Bucharest, 2007-2014


The significant rise of private car ownership in the City of Bucharest and its surroundings over the last years has led to daily congestion. The inhabitants and the driving public are benefiting from reliable traffic information and new traffic control systems, offering an upgraded infrastructure and a better managed street network with increased efficiency, reduced travel times and positive effects for the environment.


Financed with funds from the Municipality of Bucharest and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the joint-venture of SWARCO AG and UTI International provides an advanced integrated traffic management system for the City of Bucharest. The turnkey delivery of a new traffic control centre includes an adaptive urban traffic control and public transport management system with latest LED traffic light equipment:

  • New traffic control centre
  • 140 intersections (expandable to 1,000 intersections)
  • Fully adaptive traffic control with SPOT/UTOPIA
  • 140 controllers, type ITC-2
  • PTM system FLASH with integration of 300 vehicles
  • Fibre-optic communication
  • Video surveillance system (CCTV) for 140 intersections


  • - 20% travel time in the controlled area
  • - 10% in CO2 emissions (= 600 tons / year)
  • + 1.5 million EUR productivity gain / year