OMNIA UTMC System, Galway City, Ireland

Galway City Council, 2012


The prestigious Volvo Ocean Race finished in the Irish City of Galway in June 2012. During this time, the population of Galway increased from 76,000 to 450,000, putting tremendous strains on the already congested streets of the city. In order to prepare for this, Galway City council commissioned a state of the art ITS system to provide real time adaptive traffic signal control, as well as a variety of other integrated facilities.


In October 2011 Galway City Council awarded the project to Dublin based supplier, The Elmore Group, SWARCO Traffic Ltd’s representative in Ireland.

SWARCO’s scope of supply included OMNIA platform, real time traffic control using the SPOT UTOPIA algorithm, car park guidance system, ITC2 signal controllers and detection, and a number of iTravel blue tooth journey time outstations.

OMNIA provides for the management of a host of facilities including the city’s Car Park Monitoring, VMS Signs, Air Quality Monitoring, Journey Time, RTPI, and CCTV. System interfaces use a mix of UK and European standards, all of which use open protocols for future expansion.

OMNIA has to cater for the existing traffic on a day to day basis, but also cope with the additional traffic expected for the Ocean race. This is achieved using SWARCO’s adaptive traffic control algorithm, SPOT-UTOPIA, a real time system which adapts to changes in traffic instantly.

The ITS project was completed on time, and has resulted in measurable benefits for all road users in Galway, as well as providing a platform for the future expansion of Galway’s ITS systems.