AtB, 2009-2020 (including maintenance)


South-Trøndelag County, Trondheim Municipality, the Norwegian Directorate of Public Roads and local public transport companies wanted to strengthen the quality of public transport in the region. With the signing of this contract SWARCO also accepted the challenge to give more people the opportunity to take advantage of public transport services, reduce the daily traffic and hence avoid unnecessary congestion and reduce local and global pollution.


SWARCO’s contract includes a central system, equipment and software as well as service & maintenance, including the following implementations:

  • Management of 350 buses
  • Integration of 100 bus-stops
  • Real-time information (web, warp, inside the buses)
  • Functionalities for advanced traffic light priority for buses/trams
  • Statistics and evaluation data
  • 10 year contract for technical operation and maintenance


SWARCO’s system is the most modern in the Nordic region and will be beneficial for the users of public transport, as they will get easily accessible and reliable information, providing a more convenient journey. Based on the real-time positioning of vehicles, the punctuality of buses and trams is increased and the travel time is decreased due to advanced traffic light priority. This makes public transport more attractive to the public, so more people will use this service, which in turn has a positive effect on the environment. Traffic companies and the government will also benefit, as they get access to statistics and evaluation data from the system.