Bybanen, 2008-2011


SWARCO’s goal for this project was not only to strengthen the public transport quality in Norway’s second largest city by installing a new and modern public transport system but the system should also help the daily ridership (approx. 26,000/weekday) to get to their destination faster, improve urban development and reduce the daily road congestion.


This light railway is the first of its kind in Norway. It leads from the city centre to Nesttun (urban centre in the southern parts of Bergen). The installed system includes:

  • 28 intersections with priority for the light railway
  • ITC-2 traffic controllers
  • SHDSL units
  • Programming of the priority for the light railway
  • Connection of all 28 intersections to OmniVue central system


The light railway system operates in the city centre on its own line, gets green light in every section and is therefore independent from rush hours and road traffic, which improves travel times and travel convenience for the passengers.

Further important benefits are:

  • Modern design of signal lights and masts
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Reduced maintenance costs