PARKING GUIDANCE, Germany, Heidelberg

Heidelberg, 2010


Within the City of Heidelberg the need for parking space management and well thought out parking guidance systems had arisen. The newly installed system will be extended in the future. SWARCO will integrate car parks currently under construction like the future car park in Heidelberg’s new scientific quarter “Bahnstadt”.


According to the needs of the City of Heidelberg, the target areas are colour-coded; blue for the historical city centre, red/orange for the city centre, brown for the main station area and green for the parking lot “Neunheimer Feld”. In Heidelberg SWARCO implemented one of Germany’s largest parking guidance systems with the following details:

  • Integration of 20 parking areas with a capacity of 7,500 parking spaces
  • 56 dynamic information signs with 154 three-LED illuminated LCD’s throughout city
  • 81 static signs
  • Central computer, complex traffic routing, real-time information
  • Wired as well as wireless data communication
  • Three parking zones
  • Dedicated internet platform showing current parking situation and available spaces
  • Extensible system architecture


The new parking guidance system optimizes traffic flow and reduces unnecessary traffic because of shorter search times for parking spaces, which in return also reduces emissions. The capacity utilization has been improved; city centre businesses also benefit from the advanced parking system.