Derbyshire County Council,


SWARCO Traffic Ltd was contacted by Derbyshire County Council to provide detection with advance warning of slow-moving traffic joining and crossing oncoming traffic on the A632 at Span Carr, a rural site between Chesterfield and Matlock.


Specific requests were for a solution that was economical to procure and maintain utilising mains power at site to ensure both directions of main traffic flow were provided a nuanced detection and activation solution for both crossing, exiting and stop-line stationary traffic.


SWARCO was able to provide detection for both side junction stop lines as well as stop zones on the A632 for exiting traffic with ground loops connected to Weis 2-channel ground loop packs, a form of technology familiar to DCC as part of their extensive advanced road warning systems network provided in part by SWARCO. The system comprises of a central controller cabinet with loop input to a configuration controller outputting power and display activation to two LED VAS displays via shared duct power and comms cables.


All parts of the system were designed to satisfy an exacting specification to ensure that the system runs within capacity on comms timing, power capacity along with ease of use and maintenance, a specification SWARCO was able to meet on time and budget.


The use of ground loops with configurable detection software enabled the junction stop line and central reservation right-turn stop zone to be monitored simultaneously. The detection system is allied to a SWARCO controller providing VAS activation combinations where either one or both VAS are activated depending on the detected obstruction. The controller also allows display activation and deactivation timing delays to be incorporated, allowing moving traffic to flow through the section without automatically activating signs to ensure that drivers are warned of physical hazards rather than short through-pass activations causing unnecessary disruption.



The use of VAS Display technology ensures that a reliable and economical power solution is achieved, while ongoing support for the infrastructure and equipment is easy and convenient through use of modular parts and interfaces available from local stocks.


The use of ground loops enables the system to detect vehicles in all conditions, including at night and in inclement weather, ensuring that approaching drivers get the best warning in the worst conditions.