MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign


In the last decades, some motorways have become notorious for extensive traffic congestion, particularly in and around metropolitan areas.

The efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation of people and goods on motorways requires the optimal utilization of the available infrastructure. SWARCO delivers a variety of suitable applications for highway traffic management measures, such as ramp metering, driver information, route guidance and variable speed control.


  • Automatic Incident Detection

    SWARCO offers effective incident detection and verification, to reduce the impact of the incident and prevent secondary accidents.


    Your first choice software to control VMS for Traffic Diversion and Collective Driver Information Systems over a complete Motorway network.

  • TIME

    This ramp metering system is designed to regulate the influx of vehicles from access roads, helping to keep traffic moving smoothly on busy motorways.

  • Variable Speed Control

    SWARCO's system is designed to minimize the risk of accidents by monitoring the traffic flow and automatically closing lanes, reducing speed, and rerouting traffic when an incident is detected.