MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign

Motorway Traffic Management

Many European highways and motorways linking towns and cities are equipped with reliable and clearly visible LED signalling technology from SWARCO. But we do not only offer market leading VMS, SWARCO also supplies complete highway and tunnel traffic management systems and solutions.

SWARCO provides different kinds of detectors to collect and store traffic data. Our well proven outstations and systems software process this information to provide both local and centrally coordinated highway control including specialized systems for tunnels.

Easily accessible data allows operators to quickly recognize problems and react appropriately. Timely and accurate travel information allows drivers to plan their trips, make reliable decisions before and during their journeys and to arrive at their destination on time and with minimum stress.


  • Highway Systems

    SWARCO provides complete highway and tunnel management systems, including integrated communication and interfaces to external or third-party equipment.

  • Sub-Systems

    SWARCO delivers a variety of applications for highway traffic, such as AID, ramp metering, driver information, hard shoulder running among other systems for traffic management.

  • Detection

    Effective traffic management and control requires reliable traffic detectors. SWARCO supplies a wide range of equipment for vehicle classification and detection on highways.