Steel Sign Supports & Signal Poles


  • Cantilever Sign Structures

    Signpost Solutions have been manufacturing cantilever sign supports since 1999 when they were chosen for 600 sites on the North West Phase of London re-signing.

  • Hoop Signs

    When used as Gateway signage, Signpost Solutions Hoop sign structures deliver a robust civic identity that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a unique alternative to traditional signage systems.

  • Off-Set Brackets & Extension Posts

    SignPost Solutions manufacturer a range of bespoke extension posts and brackets to your exacting requirements.

  • Rejuven8

    Replace rusty or damaged signposts on-site in 20 minutes, take a look at the benefits of the Rejuven8™ post replacement system

  • Signal Poles

    Signpost Solutions are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of traffic signal poles.

  • Signstr8

    Signstr8 is your answer to twisted signs, it prevents signs being rotated – no more site visits to straighten those twisted signs!

  • Traffic Sign Posts

    SignPost Solutions have been manufacturing steel posts to the UK sign market for over 40 years and have CE marking for these products.