MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign

Urban VMS




Variable Message Signs are key elements of dynamic traffic management systems. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable displays inform, warn, and guide the motorists on highways and expressways. Having perfected the signal display technology with our own developments, SWARCO sets new standards with its LED-based VMS. Our central control system, Zephyr has been developed from the previous controller, PGS. Zephyr has been designed specifically for VMS, Parking Guidance and Traffic Information signs and has a simple user friendly interface.

Full Matrix LED Displays

This technology is suitable for a wide range of applications which are suitable for both Urban and Interurban Applications.

A range of colour options Type Approved to EN12966 of :-

  • Single Colour (White, Amber)
  • Dual Colour MS4 Style (White/Red, Amber/Red)
  • RGB Full Colour Variable Message signs

Character Matrix LED Displays

This technology is used in a variety of applications due to their versatility. This ranges from Traffic Information Displays to Car Park Guidance Displays.

A range of different character sizes and pixel spacing are available to suit any application, dependant on the speed of the road combined with the message displayed.


  • Full Colour Full Matrix LED VARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS

    The capability to display full colour graphical images provides versatile displays at major venues, port and airport terminals and car parks. Connectivity is available from a wide range of central management systems including UTMC systems and SWARCO’s central control system.


    Zephyr from SWARCO Traffic Ltd. is the ultimate sign management system. Moving on from the well established PGS system, Zephyr has been designed specifically for full colour matrix signs.

  • LIFE

    A unique concept in variable message sign design for tunnels, low ceiling car parks and similar applications.