MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign

Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs MVAS

The latest range of Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) from SWARCO is now able to offer battery life of up to 20 weeks from a single charge, now making it the lowest maintenance one to date. The signs are designed for self-deployment by Parish Councils in order to improve road safety and encourage safer driving speeds. SWARCO has extensive experience gathered over the last 25 years to provide a totally mobile solution.

The free data logging also enables parishes to detect speeding issues and trends in the local area, detecting vehicle speeds and traffic volume.

Alternatively our 'Your Speed' Driver Feedback signs are also available in a moveable lightweight version, these indicate the speed of approaching vehicles and have the option for additional text such as 'THANK YOU' to those within the speed limit or 'SLOW DOWN' or even corresponding 'smile/frown' symbols to approaching vehicles exceeding the set limit.

Key facts:

  • CE Certified to EN12966
  • Portable, ideal for moving from post to post
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Battery powered up to 20 weeks
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Lightweight, robust design for safe handling
  • Topas Highways Agency Type approved
  • Can be mounted to existing street furniture
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Patented LED optical system
  • Configurable 10/20/30 MPH or 20/30/40 MPH speed display
  • Sustainable and affordable
  • Local or remote data collection

To access the software download and handbook options please go to the following link: