MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign

Hazard Warning Vehicle Activated Signs

Based on the use of LED technology our Hazard Warning Signs are designed for use where the hazard is separate to the actual vehicle speed, such as areas subject to ice build up on roads and periodic high winds. Activation can be via vehicle detection or direct from a local authority control centre. Local activation via temperature monitoring and wind speed detection is also an option within the two scenarios used to illustrate this sign application.Within all our range of signs SWARCO can now provide optional advanced analysis tools which present relevant traffic data in clearly understandable forms. For example in chart or graph form it is possible to view the number of motorists exceeding speed thresholds or total traffic flow past signs on a specific time slot or 24 hour basis. This option is configurable and can be used by the customer to ‘query’ all available data to extract statistical data for traffic management and predictive future modelling. Communications to our range of signs is flexible and varied and ranges from GSM, GPRS, PMR, Hardwire Connection – in fact we are able to accommodate all customer communications requirements and standards.

  • Complete solutions created
  • Can be powered by Solar, Mains or Switched Mains
  • Make drivers aware of local hazards in the road
  • Weather warning, flood warning, junction warning, hazard in the road warnings available



Profectus has the ability to revolutionise the way School signs and Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) are managed. With increased remote monitoring, SMS and email fault log reporting and the ability to pre-set timetables at a low operational energy consumption, the need for site visits and reduce scheduled maintenance is greatly reduced. Timetables also feature 'special days' to enable different messages or activations to be set on weekends or during term times. The simple to use interface is easily accessible via web browser on desktop or mobile devices and can be used with central management system, Zephyr.

  • Up to 11 slave signs per master
  • In-built 300m radio range connecting up to 8 signs with 1 sim, a 6km external radio can be used for larger networks
  • Web based interface displays faults log, sign status, LED Driver, timetables, data logging and configuration is accessible via web browser
  • Ability to switch off signs or move to sleep mode when not in use
  • Email or SMS fault alerts for Power or GPS failure, extreme temperatures, 4G and communications failures
  • Multistage ambient light level dimming and monitoring
  • GPS or NTP Clock sources
  • Can link into SWARCO‘s Central Control System, Zephyr
  • Up to 255 timetable entries available, including selecting on/off times or 'special days' for up to 3 years in advance as well as timetable flashers, modem, radio and GPS
  • No more energy costs as solar is a reliable solution with SWARCO‘s low energy LED‘s
  • Retro fit option available for existing signs
  • Data collection from VAS includes vehicle count and speed check

Profectus Datasheet VAS (PDF - 458.75 kB)