MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign




Active signage is a key element of dynamic traffic management systems. SWARCO offers the complete range of active signage that will increase roadway efficiency and help drivers travel safer and smarter. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable signage will inform, warn, and guide the motorists on both urban roads and highways.


  • Hazard Warning Vehicle Activated Signs

    Hazard Warning Signs are designed for use where the environment poses a risk, whether it be from adverse weather condition or a bend in the road.

  • Speed Indication Signs | Your Speed Is signs

    As an extension of the SWARCO range of Speed Warning Signs we supply signs which display actual vehicle speeds. These signs will warn motorists if their speed is above or below the limit and options are available to warn the driver to slow down or thank them for remaining within the limit.

  • Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs MVAS

    Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS). The signs are designed for self-deployment by Parish Councils in order to improve road safety and encourage safer driving speeds.

  • School Safety Signs

    Typically used to indicate a reduced speed limit during school times these can also be pictogram based to indicate children crossing. Fitted with the new CPU, 'Profectus' enables users to have full flexibility over the signs through monitoring and timetables.

  • Smart Messenger

    SWARCO TRAFFIC Ltd offers a range of Smart Messenger Mobile Variable Message Signs. The trailer can be integrated into Local Authority UTMC systems to display traffic information or via our Zephyr management system for full colour images and text. Using fuel cell technology, the Messengers feature year-round operation.

  • Urban VMS

    LED Variable message signs, available in full colour to display all messages, images and pictograms.

  • Overheight Vehicle Detection

    SWARCO has over a number of years, has developed an Overheight Vehicle Detection System (OVD). Using combinations of inductive loops and infra red detection to determine whether a vehicle is too high to pass safely.

  • Prism Sign

    This technology is typically used for diversion routes, road closure warning or Pedestrian Zones.