MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign


New Generation LED Tunnel Sign

LIFE is a unique concept in variable message sign design especially developed for tunnels, but also ideal for low ceiling parking garages and similar applications.

LIFE can be used in situations where traditional VMS can not. Due to the unique, patented slim “stair shape” housing construction (less than 20 cm / 8 inches in overall height!) tunnel retrofitting with VMS is finally possible, particularly if limited ceiling height has prevented such installations in the past. Tunnels can be planned smaller in diameter, saving the builder substantial excavating costs.

LIFE's visual perception is even better than that of a conventionally sized sign: it attracts motorist‘s attention by its „growing“ appearance while approaching the sign

LIFE has a self-tightening mounting mechanism that allows removal/replacement within seconds without tools.

  • Unique super-slim stainless steel housing (optionally in aluminum)
  • Hardly any edges (striking truck tarpaulins no longer take tunnel signs down!)
  • Seemingly growing messages the closer you get
  • High intensity long life LEDs
  • Messages and/or symbols available in red, amber, white, blue, and/or green
  • Patented self-tightening ceiling mounting bracket
  • Take down / hang up / adjusting without tools (reduces lane closures for maintenance!)
  • Two-hand control for additional security during removal
  • Display format choices include:
    - LANE CONTROL signals (green arrow, red cross, lane clearance arrows)
    - VARIABLE messages (VMS; up to eight aspects)
    - FLASHING messages
    - ALTERNATING text display
    - SCROLLING messages
  • RS 485 or CAN bus interface

Supply Voltage:

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

10 W max.

Temperature range:

-13° - 158°F (-25° - 70°C)



Protection degree:

IP 65


7.9” H x 23.6” W x 35.4” D (200x600x900)mm


approx. 55 lbs (25 kg)


RS 232