MSWS 750 – Mobile Speed Warning Sign


for the regulation of traffic on motorway access ramps

Rampmetering or TIME (Traffic Introduction MEtering) is a highly efficient ramp metering system designed to keep traffic flowing smoothly on heavily used urban ring roads and motorways. It is a valuable tool which ensures that maximum traffic capacity is achieved.

The objective of ramp metering is to prevent traffic densities exceeding the critical threshold values beyond which the flow capacity breaks down and queues rapidly begin to build up. By maintaining traffic density at the optimal level, road capacity is fully exploited.

TIME uses different kinds of sensor, including inductive loops and coupled infrared-radar detectors, to monitor traffic conditions on the motorway lanes and entry ramps. The strategy is to keep the traffic already on a motorway travelling smoothly at the optimal density, while ensuring that the queues waiting on the ramps are below the maximum acceptable threshold. Traffic is controlled by means of traffic lights located on the entry ramps.