Off street pay parking systems

We can provide solutions any of your needs regarding off street parking!

Running a car park is a solid business, if:

  • You do not spend more than the absolutely necessary amount for automation
  • The applied equipment reliably collects the parking fee
  • The collected fees go to you, the car park operator
  • In case of vandalism, or any type of interruption you can still keep up the service

If you need an off street car park solution, we are at your disposal with almost 30 years of experience for the following topics:

  • Automation of parking garages, multi-storey car parks, single-level parking lots
  • Service, maintenance, technical operation
  • Automation and service for car parks of shopping centers, mixed-use office buildings
  • Distribution of magnetic stripe paper cards, thermal parking tickets, etc.


Proposed systems:

The bar-code ticket based SignelPark system for pay parking lot automation is the most economical solution.
It ensures full service for the lowest possible investment and operating costs.The low operating costs for each case is an important consideration, but it's particularly critical in cases where the automation is not intended primarily for the parking fee revenue optimization, but the establishment of parking spaces for guests of other services operating on the same spot. The extremely low-price tickets, the minimum monitoring demand and low maintenance costs meet these requirements. However, there is no need to make compromises in comparison to other higher cost ticket systems, all necessary functions are available.

The magnetic stripe ticket-based SignelPark system is intended for smart pay parking lots. This system has
special advantage that it can operate smoothly even when failure occurs with the central control computer or the communication network, thereby very high operational reliability can be achieved. This solution is also recommended for applications where several off-line discount validator units must be used which are not linked to the central computer. These desktop devices are relatively simple, and do not need computer connection to them. The system is capable of handling plastic magnetic tickets for long-term/frequent parking without additional hardware.

System options (available using any type of parking ticket solution)

  • Long-term/frequent parking tickets
  • License plate recognition
  • Audio intercom system
  • Off-line and on-line discount validation
  • Vehicle counting per storey
  • Individual occupancy sensors and displays
  • Full/free or numeric available space displays
  • Voice announcement at entrance and exit points
  • Internet-based remote monitoring/control