SWARCO Traffic Hungaria delivers complete system solutions for parking ranging from simple car access to complex pay parking systems

Swarco Traffic Hungaria delivers complete parking and/or car access system solutions to shopping & entertainment centers, airports, parking operators, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities. To meet the specific needs, all systems are tailor-made for our customers. In addition to maintenance and support, we can offer special parking engineering services as well.

With several decades of practical experience we have already fulfilled more than a thousand(!) parking/car access tasks. We combine our professional experience with the latest technologies to provide outstanding reliability, quality and convenience to our SignelPark system solutions. As a result, operators profit from new cost-saving technologies and business models. Of course, end-users benefit as well from improved and more convenient services.


  • Off street pay parking systems

    Running a car park is a solid business, but if you aren't well aware of automation IT WILL COST YOU MONEY!

  • Car access

    Any type of car park is supported, from small offices to large fleets, with additional features and various payment services and integration of existing solutions.