LED street lighting and light management

LEaDing the way

SWARCO, world leader in the development and production of LED-based traffic signal heads, once more demonstrates its pioneering approach and innovative capability. FUTURLUX is an innovative approach to the use of LEDs in street lighting. With more than 15 years of experience in LED-based traffic signalling, SWARCO is now applying our expertise to street lighting.

The technical progress in the luminous intensity of LEDs combined with SWARCO’s expertise in optics and LED applications make this light source an interesting alternative to conventional illumination techniques, allowing significantly reduced power consumption, and major energy-savings.

With Powerline Communication

With the help of light management – the adaptive control of lighting levels depending on traffic volume and weather situation – can further reduce the energy consumption of LED lighting.

Right from the beginning the development of FUTURLUX was focused on the utilisation of the innovative powerline communication which improves maintenance efficiency, power consumption (by dimming) and traffic safety.