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General information about Swarco Traffic Hungaria Kft. (Ltd.)

SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARIA Kft. is the leading provider of traffic management and parking solutions in Hungary. The company is the result of the merger between Signalbau Huber Vilati and SWARCO Signelit, two experienced Hungarian traffic technology companies with a long tradition and an outstanding reputation in the business.


Based on the long history of its predecessors, SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARY can build on more than a half a century of experience in traffic technology. SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARY is a member of the international SWARCO Group. Together with our SWARCO sister companies we offer a wide range of market-leading products and solutions, from energy-saving LED traffic lights (we equipped the entire city of Budapest) via intersection control to adaptive traffic management systems. Highway and tunnel guidance systems, priority for public transport, parking and parking guidance, state-of-the-art traffic telematic software and communication solutions, as well as numerous services (installation, maintenance, project management) complement our portfolio. Energy saving LED streetlights is our latest line of business.


The expertise and experience of our some 60 employees Swarco guarantees state-of-the-art and reliable solutions.

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