Integrated management system at Swarco Traffic Hungária Kft.

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Quality Management Policy

The SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARIA Kft. harmonized with the SWARCO group's objective want to play a decisive role in the products of traffic control and safety, intelligent transport and parking systems and services in the domestic market, so we offer a complex range of services and products from development, planning through implementation to service.

  • We constantly follow the changing needs of our customers, develop and align our product portfolio;
  • We strive to make our employees' creativity and innovative work have an impact on the development of the transport industry and will be able to influence the market needs;
  • With products and services of high quality, reliable and economical production we want to earn our partner's satisfaction;
  • We believe that the responsibility of the management plays a primary role and determines the operation of the quality management system, when each employee is responsible for the quality of its work.

Environment Management Policy

The management and all staff of SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARIA Kft. is committed to the environmental protection and pollution prevention, therefore

  • During our work, bearing in mind the environmental aspects;
  • We monitor, and protect by personal responsibility and consciously the environment, on the public places, such as on-site;
  • With selective waste collection and utilization, and by change for new technologies we reduce the environmental burden;
  • Our Integrated Management System is being continuously developed, and we strive to improve our environmental performance.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The management of SWARCO TRAFFIC HUNGARIA Ltd. is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions job for its employees. Accordingly, we

  • consider a primary aim to protect the health and ability to work of our staff to prevent accidents and occupational diseases;
  • continuously track occupational health and safety risks, reducing it as much as possible, expecting involvement of the staff in this process;
  • comply with health and safety laws, and continually work towards improving the personal and objective working conditions for the sake of enhancement of safety, our financial status permitting;set tangible occupational health and safety aims, and regularly review and update our integrated management system.