SWARCO TRAFFIC CZ s.r.o. has installed additional signaling units of type FUTURLED COUNTDOWN in Prague for the first time in August 2012. The traffic light extensions were installed on a pedestrian crossing of Krizovnicka Street on the way from Charles Street to Charles Bridge and on two crossings at I.P. Pavlova Square across Sokolska Street.

FUTURLED COUNTDOWN signals indicate the time remaining until the next red or green phase and thus contribute to better orientation and less risky behaviour of pedestrians and motorists at intersections.

The remaining time is always displayed in the colour of the lighting signal and provides accurate information to waiting pedestrians, when the signal is switched from red to green and how long the signal will light. This type of information provides more options for pedestrians to decide when and whether or not to enter the road which contributes to improved safety at pedestrian crossings.

The signalling device operates in fully automatic mode. When programs are switched – by the police or personnel at the traffic control center – the length of the selected time interval is automatically detected during the first three cycles after the switching signal of the new plan. During this time the system adjusts and adapts itself automatically to the new conditions. During these three "training" cycles the LEDs remain switched off. Then countdown numbers again appear and display until the next change.

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