Afterglow Systems

For Escape Routes and Cycle Paths

Heidi Ehlert

"SWARCO Afterglow Systems, developed in cooperation with pigment specialist NighTec®, are markings which store UV light during the day and emit it in darkness in a yellowish or blueish colour."

Heidi Ehlert, Research & Development, Road Marking Systems Division

SWARCO afterglow systems meet the requirements for a near-ground optical safety guidance system for marking escape routes or escape doors, for example. Duration and intensity of the afterglow effect depend on the amount of special pigments and the layer thickness of the marking and can reach between 8 and 10 hours.

SWARCO afterglow systems developed for indoor markings have also conquered an outdoor application niche. Innovative SWARCO afterglow systems, marked on unlit cycle paths and footpaths or in parks, offer better orientation in the dark and thus greater safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Areas Of Use

Typical locations for the application of long-time afterglow safety guidance systems for the marking of escape routes:


Enclosed spaces where heavy smoke can occur (e.g. tunnels, indoor car parks)


Multi-storey buildings with many people and multiple uses,  e.g. production sites, office buildings, power plants, warehouses, logistical centres


Airports, underground railways


Cycling and walking paths