New software solution center in Berlin

The Berlin-based venture SWARCO Solution Center is the new software house within the SWARCO Group with focus entirely on software engineering and technical operations of the brand-new SWARCO Traffic Management Platform – MyCity.

“We are building an agile team with a mixed backgrounds of technologies to be able to react faster to the changes in our industry and bring the various rich assets that exist as part of the SWARCO group together onto one software platform,” says Christoph Stögerer, Head of Technology, ITS Division at SWARCO.

The idea of the Solution Center (SSC) is to join SWARCOs forces and become more powerful in the change to digital services, where software is a key factor.

On the market in general, many existing Traffic Management solutions are currently outdated and developed a long time ago. At SSC new systems are built on modern architecture to meet the needs of a modern society.

“The main purpose with SSC is to grow our software competence and to support our digitalization strategy” says Stögerer.

Based in Berlin

SSC is based in Berlin because of its big start-up scene and the possibility to collaborate with another Berlin-based SWARCO company, Schlothauer & Wauer, experts in the field of traffic planning, engineering and development of traffic control related software’s.

A focus area of the collaboration is the development of the next generations adaptive traffic management software with special focus on the use of alternative data sources and data analytics. Click here, to learn more about MyCity.

"We strongly believe that sustainable traffic management goes beyond optimizing traffic signals, traffic signs and the individual cars routing: Maintaining the big-picture of traffic demand and supply, various modes of transport and different sources of data is key for making the travel experience safer, quicker and more environmentally sound"

Christoph Stögerer
Head of Technology, ITS Division at SWARCO