Complete parking management system solutions and car park automation

Our objective has always been to combine our long-standing experience with the latest technology to provide outstanding reliability, quality and convenience. As a result, operators profit from new cost-saving technologies and business models. End-users benefit from improved and more convenient services.

SWARCO delivers complete tailor-made system solutions to airports, parking operators, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities. In addition to service and support, SWARCO can provide assistance at any stage of a project.


  • Parking Guidance

    SWARCO can offer scaleable parking guidance solutions well suited for floor and space guidance in car parks - up to solutions that cover wide range areas like complete cities.

  • Off Street Parking

    SWARCO offers off street parking solutions for convenient parking in a protected and controlled area.

  • On Street Parking

    SWARCO provides systems of effective management and maintenance that maximize opportunities and minimize difficulties associated with on street parking.

  • Truck Parking

    SWARCO provides systems to help truck drivers find secure and convenient truck parking facilities at the end of their driving periods.

  • Detection

    SWARCO offers a wide range of detection solutions for parking management.