State-Of-The-Art Traffic Controllers

SGS-48 TRAFFIC CONTROLLER State-Of-The-Art Traffic Controllers

SWARCO is one of the leading companies worldwide in the development, production and sales of traffic and motorway controllers and communication equipment for traffic management systems.

One of the latest development of traffic controllers from SWARCO, the SGS-48 is modular in design and its flexible configuration possibilities make it adaptable for all types of intersections. Using TCP/IP or 3G modem it can be directly connected to many control and monitoring systems.


The controller can be delivered in three different sizes depending on the number of signal groups required.

For normal intersections the 3U rack with 16 signal groups and 32 detectors is suitable. For larger intersections, or for covering more than one intersection, there are 32 and 48 signal group versions with 80 detector channels.

The circuits of SGS-48 suit all climate conditions from the cold breezes of North to the searing Middle-Eastern and African sun. The larger cabinet is equipped with a swing frame allowing easy access to the backside of the unit.

The controller is in accordance with European and national standards and regulations.


Technical Details