Making the Highways Safer

SPS 468 CHEVRON SYSTEM Making the Highways Safer

The SPS 468 - Safer and more cost effective

The SPS 468 Chevron from SignPost Solutions was designed primarily with the intention of warning drivers of sharp bends and roundabouts. In addition to this the focus, as always, is to deliver a high quality lasting product, one that is safe for the driver if involved in a RTA and one that offers a cost effective solution to the customer.

The SPS 468 post is manufactured from our patented aluminium signStr8 pole. The specially-designed flat edge on the Signstr8 pole prevents the chevron from rotating, which reduces the need for costly and potentially dangerous maintenance.

These posts are installed into a socket which means if they are hit they can be replaced quickly without having to dig out and replace concrete foundations.

The aluminium SignStr8 post ensures the Chevron can be angled in the socket to meet the best viewing angle and it is lighter than steel and safer if hit by a vehicle.


Many of the SPS 468 components can be recycled


Highly Visible

Using the latest reflective sheet and yellow boarders makes the SPS 468 highly visible

Cost Effective

Offers significant savings upfront as well as on maintenance costs​​​​​​​


The SPS 468 is light weight and can be install by just one person​​​​​​​