Lattix Passively Safe Sign Support

Crash friendly sign mast

Lattix Passively Safe Sign Support Crash friendly sign mast

A crash friendly sign mast proven in the UK and Europe

SignPost Solutions Ltd are the sole distributor in the UK for the Lattix range of passively safe sign supports. The products are Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the complex lattice design is created by slotting and stretching the profile before mechanically forming the distinctive triangular or quadrangular posts.

The mechanical strength used in the slotting and stretching procedure is directly responsible for the energy absorption properties of Lattix which allows the post to progressively crumple upon impact before shearing at specially designed points on the footplate.

This process of plastic deformation cushions the occupants from the massive deceleration forces that so often result in serious injury.

The Lattix range are fully crash tested to BS EN 12767 and has achieved a classification of 100NE:2

The Lattix Range of Masts

The Lattix range of masts comprises of 4 differing sizes which offers different wind capacities and strengths, we stock a range of heights of masts which can be cut down to suit all requirements. The naming of the masts is quiet simple the first ‘4’ indicates the number of sides of the Mast and the last two figures; 12, 20, 25 and 38 are the length of each of those four side.  Below is the mast sections and in the documents section you can find the datasheets for each Mast which offers more detail.


Wealth of Crash History

Lattix has 100's of RTA's with no reported injuries


Crash Tested to BS EN 12767

Fully crash tested to BS EN 12767 achieving 100NE2


Quick Lead Times

Quick lead times as large UK stock holding

Reduced Maintenance Costs

If hit replacement mast use same foundation saving on maintenance costs​​​​​​​