Barrier-Free Car Park Solution EVOLT PWB

EVOLT PUBLIC PWB Barrier-Free Car Park Solution EVOLT PWB

The eVolt PWB meets all the requirements for a modern, barrier-free charging infrastructure in parking management. Thanks to the interactive displays, the charging station can also be used as an information terminal.
With the charging stations of the eVolt PWB series SWARCO provides a solution for cost-effective installation of charging stations in the parking area both on parking areas and in the parking garage. The products of the eVolt PWB series represent a flexible and modular retrofit infrastructure that goes beyond today's standards and safety requirements and thus consider all possibilities for future solutions.

Possible areas of application:

  • Charging of electrically operated vehicles in the parking area and semi-public area
  • Post-paid billing and logging of loading and consumption data
  • Extension of the public mobility chain by the factor "electromobility"
  • Barrier-free charging by using the park ticket
  • Integration of common parking systems for the parking area (S & B, Skidata)
  • Charging stations for parking garages, public parking areas and the tourism industry


Technical Details