Plug & Play System - Ready To Use

TOPO TRAFFIC COUNTER Plug & Play System - Ready To Use

Being able to control the traffic flow at all levels is becoming more and more important. Good planning will reduce air pollution, avoid / minimize traffic incidents, increase the overall security and collect data, allowing the analysis of the average daily traffic on a given route.


Technical Details


For an accurate classification of
traffic volume, install the unit at an altitude of about 250 cm on the mast.  This variant with an integrated charging unit, can be used with advantages as a permanent census station.


Integration of the system into one
standard edge pole (SLP) to assembly along roads without for the city border. The edge pole is discreet and gives a reliable picture of traffic pattern.

The little box can easily be installed at the side of the road by only a person. Then it can mounted quickly and easily.
The box allows to establish counts quickly, when and whenever needed.