Parking solutions

How Parking Guidance Works

SWARCO’s Parking Guidance System monitors individual parking space occupancy data, guiding drivers to the closest available parking structure and space by visually communicating availability to drivers. A fully customizable system, SWARCO’s Parking Guidance System can be as nominal as monitoring occupancy and as expansive as informing drivers from nearby freeways or major arterials. Contact SWARCO today to discuss your particular needs and let us design a solution just for you!



Getting Drivers to the Structure(s)
External signs, often referred to as wayfinding or variable message signs (VMS) signs, are located strategically along local freeways and arterials to inform motorists of parking structure availability upon approach.



Communicating Structure Availability
Entry signs placed at main entrances inform drivers of structure availability by level. Available as variable message signs or a hybrid of static and variable, the signs offer complete flexibility in managing space availability from the entrance of the structure.



Guiding Drivers to Open Spaces
Overhead level and aisle boards visually communicate space availability to patrons at key decision points throughout the structure, guiding them along their route to an open parking space.



Colored LED sensors above each parking bay clearly indicate space availability, green for available and red for occupied, so drivers can quickly and easily identify open spaces. No more speeding to a space only to discover it’s taken!


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    Parking guidance is ideal for a variety of venues & applications.

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    Benefits for management, patrons, and the environment.

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    More than 200 SWARCO parking guidance and city wayfinding systems installed worldwide.