SWARCO is the leading supplier of high quality, full color LED variable message signs (VMS) for traffic guidance and information purposes. SWARCO has developed the most reliable, energy efficient, and optically advanced sign technology. The Precision Optic VMS is ready to excel in any of your transportation needs from your highways to your cities, guiding vehicles and warning drivers, efficiently moving traffic and keeping you safe.


SWARCO’s Precision Optic LED VMS technology revolves around three main design standards:

  • simplicity
  • quality
  • efficiency

Precision Optic is simple because it has streamlined the VMS design, removing extraneous elements and creating internal systems that multi-task for maximum effectiveness. This simplicity in design leads to a quality and efficient VMS that out performs all other signs optically as well as sustainably, while still being cost competitive.

Streamlined Innovation

  • optics project, focus, and aim the LED light, while eliminating phantom light from low sun conditions at sunrise and sunset
  • all three colors combine into one multi-chip Surface Mounted Device (SMD)-LED behind the Precision Optic lens
  • LEDs run only at 15% of Max LED current, maintaining a 90% reduction of LED forward current
  • front screen removed to eliminate glare and energy spent running a defogging heater, without sacrificing protection, durability, or reliability

Quality Design

  • sharp definition with a pixel pitch as low as 12mm (0.47’’)
  • excellent color uniformity from any angle
  • targeted luminance, projecting light exactly where you need it, no wasted light where you don‘t
  • built with light weight non-corrosive aluminum or stainless steel to reduce costs
  • utilizing the highest quality SMD-LEDs from well established and trusted manufacturers
  • attractive and modern design
  • adaptable to all ambient light conditions
  • integrated sensors for temperature and light


  • a pulse width modulated current, at a very low level, increases LED life time
  • no regular maintenance necessary
  • negligible optical degradation during its 15 year plus life
  • all LEDs are monitored continuously, even when o"
  • full traceability of all components in the internal data base
  • quick and easy replacement of parts without use of tools
  • reliable power supply for LED display and controller

Manufactured to Order

  • more than 100 class-combinations of different color, luminosity, contrast, beam width, pixel pitch, LEDs, and forward current
  • matrix ranges from limited matrix to full programmable/full matrix
  • custom hybrid signs available