SWARCO Completes Expansive City Wide Parking Guidance System In Switzerland


In December 2014, SWARCO deployed a customized city wide parking guidance system (PGS) in the city of Zug, Switzerland. The system monitors a total of 2500 parking spaces in Zug’s 16 multilevel parking garages throughout the city. To guide drivers to the best available parking, SWARCO designed and installed 29 Variable Message Signs (VMS) at key intersections and at garage entrances. These signs provide parkers in Zug space availability for each individual garage, helping them make an informed decision where to park. Besides space availability, several of the SWARCO VMS also display custom parking and traffic related messages. Additionally, the parking guidance system features static directional signs with parking location information.

Conveying city-wide parking availability in an urban environment yields immediate benefits. For example studies have shown that up to 33% of urban traffic is due to people simply searching for parking. Parking guidance systems decrease this congestion since parking search times are cut significantly. This saves time and money which leads to happier, less stressful drivers. In fact, happy drivers become happy shoppers. Cities with parking guidance systems report an increase in patronage at local businesses and boost in revenues due to higher turnover and overall occupancy. Other added benefits include a reduction in greenhouse gases, less wear and tear on roads and vehicles and a more positive driver experience. All of which are characteristics of smart, connected cities of the future.

Zug’s system also creates greater efficiency for the city’s parking management. With SWARCO’s parking guidance system in place, parking operators can check space availability in real-time and send custom messages to the wayfinding VMS dispersed throughout the city. The PGS software offers crucial functions for parking data tracking and analysis. SWARCO’s system can automatically generate a variety of reports, so operators can study Zug’s parking trends and use that information to optimize the city’s parking operations.

SWARCO is proud to have partnered with the city of Zug on the design and deployment of their expansive city-wide parking guidance system. Zug now joins the growing list of international cities employing SWARCO parking guidance technology. SWARCO TRAFFIC AMERICAS is committed to bringing similar state of the art citywide parking guidance solutions to North America in 2015.

The real-time occupancy of the city garages can be viewed online at this link: