SWARCO Teams with Access Professional Systems on a Proximity Card Parking Occupancy System


SWARCO recently partnered with Access Professional Systems of El Cajon, California, to deliver a customized proximity card Parking Occupancy System for a parking structure in San Diego.

Typically parking occupancy or guidance systems “count” vehicles using ultrasonic sensors, inductive loops or via a “dry contact” off a gate arm. However in this case a unique solution was required.

This garage supports parking for four tenant companies, each of which is allocated a set number of parking spaces inside the garage. When parkers for each company enter the garage, the proximity card system correctly identifies the parkers and triggers the gate to open. Unfortunately the proximity card system does not reconcile the number of parkers entering the garage with the number of parking spaces allotted to each company. This is where SWARCO comes in.

Rather than installing separate sensors to count the vehicles, SWARCO cleverly modified its software to accept four real-time feeds from the proximity card system, one for each tenant company. For example when the proximity card system reports a parker from Company ‘A’ entering the garage, the SWARCO software correspondingly deducts one space from the available inventory of parking spaces allotted to Company ‘A’. The opposite occurs as parkers exit the garage. Thus as parkers enter and exit the garage, the real-time count of available parking spaces for each tenant company is always displayed on a SWARCO LED sign at the garage entrance.

The end result is a customized parking count system based on proximity card technology saving the garage owner time and resources. Contact SWARCO today to see how your existing proximity card system can be easily modified to a parking occupancy system.