SWARCO TRAFFIC AMERICAS recently delivered customized Precision Optic LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) Traffic Signs to the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The city installed the VMS near the high traffic areas of Princess Anne Middle School and Landstown High School to alert drivers of reduced speed limits during school hours.

During non-school zone hours (weekends, evenings, mid-day), these LED signs automatically display the standard 45 MPH speed limit. However, during designated school zone hours, the signs will switch to displaying the 25 MPH speed limit as well as light up the word “SCHOOL” in amber. Since the schools are located next to high-speed thoroughfares, many drivers after stopping for the traffic signal, forgot they were still in the school zone, and resumed the usual speed limit. These signs are expected to reduce speeds and increase safety for students by reminding motorists that they are still in the school zone and need to slow down and watch their speeds.

These VMS employ SWARCO’s Precision Optic technology. Instead of covering its LEDs with a glare-prone front screen, SWARCO uses a unique lensing system that provides several unique and valuable benefits. First, the optics increase the contrast ratio to facilitate higher definition messages. Second, the lenses amplify and focus all of the projected light in a targeted conical pattern optimized for driver visibility – no light is wasted by shining where it can’t be read. Finally, and perhaps most important, SWARCO’s technological advancements dramatically decrease VMS energy consumption to a fraction of a typical LED sign. This will save the city of Virginia Beach significant operating funds as well as reduce its carbon footprint. City officials plan to expand the program to additional school zones across the city.

The SWARCO Precision Optic solution is the next step in the evolution of the LED VMS sign. SWARCO TRAFFIC AMERICAS is proud to debut this Variable Speed Limit technology in Virginia Beach and help keep Virginia students safer.