Giving passengers the right information at the right time can improve mobility and safety. A good flow of information also provides a more comfortable journey, as it can reduce uncertainties and stress. Research shows that up to 30% of motorists change the route when they receive travel information about obstacles on the road. This allows the road authority to utilize its road network in a very efficient manner.

SWARCO delivers a variety of systems for traffic monitoring, incident detection, data collection and presentation on the web or via apps and traffic displays.



    OMNIA is a high level software environment, that provides a homogeneous and user-friendly user interface for the operation of different traffic control and traffic management systems.


    Reliable traffic information where and when you need it.

  • LED Variable Message Signs

    LED Variable Message Signs with limited, freely programmable or combined display.

  • APPS

    Smartphone apps make traffic and timetable information available almost everywhere!

  • ITC-2 Traffic Controller

    State-of-the-art traffic controllers configurable for all types of intersections.


    Modern traffic applications require clear information about the traffic situation. SWARCO offers several products and systems for traffic data collection and travel time measurements.

  • TOPO

    SWARCO's TOPO series enables an accurate record of vehicle classes with information about speed, length, and acoustic signatures.