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SWARCO – the hub for connected traffic, 04/24/2018

Intense efforts are underway for digitalizing road traffic in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. Traffic lights, freeway systems, traffic closure vehicles and mass transit are becoming connected and data shared. A strong force in this development is naturally the development of autonomous vehicles, as well as trends in the fields of smart cities and modern mobility services.

Find and pay for parking with the SWAPPACCESS APP , 04/24/2018

The SwappAccess APP makes finding and paying for parking simpler and easier than ever before. Everything you need is right in your pocket. Users need only download the app to get started!


Collecting data from detectors and sensors makes it possible to analyze and use information to trigger various actions, both manually and automatically. When it comes to the potential future applications of such a system, the only limits are those of the developers’ imaginations! The options are many, and they can lead to improvements to both the environment and the everyday lives of commuters and city residents.

Intelligent Transport Systems for a better public transport , 04/17/2018

By making a transition from travel by private car to public transport more appealing, effective and attractive public transport systems can contribute to solving the environmental and traffic problems that arise in conjunction with population growth. Increase public transport ridership in your city by providing reliable, safe and convenient travel.

VOLVO cars travel better with SWARCO TLA, 03/19/2018

SWARCO’s Traffic Light Assistance (TLA) is a cooperative ITS devel¬opment aiming at improving traffic flow in cities. The Norwegian city of Trondheim was one of the first Nordic cities to test the new TLA function deployed at 48 intersections. Thanks to a joint effort involving the Norwegian Road Authority, Volvo Cars and SWARCO, drivers receive an app-based service providing them with information when the traffic lights at an intersection turn to green or red. This technological approach helps optimize the traffic flow in urban areas.

Optimizing the handling of traffic in ports , 03/19/2018

Between 2013 and 2016, two of the ports in Stockholm were re¬built, and SWARCO Port Control systems were installed to optimize the port area with improved traffic flows and convenient handling of trailers. “The port in Stockholm city center, Värtahamnen, is now a more efficient and environmentally friendly port with 5 quays and a modern passenger terminal”, says Anders Jonsson, manager of SWARCO’s traffic division in Sweden.

Arlanda’s new long-term parking is equipped with state-of-the-art technology from SWARCO, 11/20/2017

Easier way to find a parking place. Scandinavia’s leading airport, Arlanda, launched a new fully paved long-term parking equipped with SWARCO sensors and guidance systems at all 1561 of its parking spots to avoid unnecessary search traffic.


Copenhagen is listed as number 1 city in the world to cycle in and the city centre contains more cycles than cars. How do they do it? Reduce air pollution and increase accessibility by bike-friendly solutions the same way as the danes.

Prioritize public transport with new cloud-based system!, 11/20/2017

The technical development of advanced traffic information and positioning systems, has led to a significant reduction in the cost of supplementing traffic lights with bus priority systems in recent years. Smart Priority is SWARCO’s new cloud-based solution for bus priority in traffic lights.

SWARCO Bicycle signs as a motivator to promote cyclism , 11/20/2017

SWARCO Denmark is proud to participate in further promoting cyclism in Denmark, as we were chosen, by the Supercykelsti Sekretariat to motivate bicyclist.

One step closer to driverless cars – in Trondheim, 10/02/2015

Trondheim will be one of the first Nordic countries to test the new ”traffic light assist”- function.