Environmental System

Environmental policy

SWARCO MIZAR S.R.L. Management has formulated and is engaged in the promotion of a policy aimed at protecting and preserving human health and environment, in order to ensure that all activities and services provided have no risks for the ecosystem.

General commitments inherent environmental policies of SWARCO MIZAR S.R.L. are as follows:

  • To follow applicable requirements related to the environment, both legal and supported by the company
  • To implement systematically UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and referred requirements;
  • To care for environmental aspects of its activities, products and services and enforce management procedures which ensure the protection of the environment;
  • Eliminate or minimize emissions, discharges, waste and consumption of raw materials and energy, as far as technically possible;
  • To train all employees to encourage proposals and initiatives aimed at respecting and protecting the environment.

Every year, starting from these general policies, data on the environmental performance will be analyzed and, based on these, programs aiming at improving and preventing pollution, either by direct and – where possible – indirect impact will be formulated.

According to annual plans, the Management establishes specific objectives and targets for each business unit, which will be measured and monitored cyclically, as defined in the documents to ensure the compliance with the scheduled programs.

Purposes and targets will be distributed to all business unit managers, reported to the involved social parties and in any case will always be available for consultation.

The verification of objectives achievement will happen through the definition of specific and, where possible, measurable indicators, which will be subject to periodic evaluations submitted during the periodic reviews of the management.

These Policies will be distributed to all the staff of SWARCO MIZAR S.R.L. and are publicly available to anyone who expressly request the Management or the Head of the Environmental Management System.

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